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Execudent catalyzes transformation in the dental industry by connecting talent with opportunity—from start-ups to scale-ups, inventors to innovators at the forefront of oral health. Our unique blend of strategic consulting leverages decades of subject matter expertise and dental product development experience combined with prestige branding and creative services. In addition to our client work, we develop evidence-based thought leadership and educational content for dental professionals.

With us, it’s a Win—Win—Win.  No contest.

The Execudent Effect is what happens when cross-functional entrepreneurs align on simple things done well. We at Execudent, our Clients, and the Dental Profession win, win, and win.

Show up for more than you put up with.

The Execudent Quotient is an example of our Thought Leadership—media sharing our insights and innovations, aligned with our core values: empathy, authenticity, and excellence.

Simple things, done well.

Whether it's launching a technology at the forefront of dental innovation or developing rich thought leadership content, we at Execudent focus on simple things, done well.

Your Talent, Our (Mutual) Opportunity

Execudent combines decades of thought leadership, talent management, and dental practice expertise. Our growing membership of thought leaders and subject matter experts benefit from exclusive media opportunities and mentorship connections, in addition to collaborative content development.

Multiply Your Influence

Whatever your goals, we can connect you with exciting opportunities to help you grow and expand your audience and access.

Collaborative Focus

Thought Leadership doesn't happen in a vacuum, and inter-professional exchange makes for the best content. We're continually seeking fresh perspectives from subject matter experts across dentistry and beyond.

Product Intelligence

Our Product Intelligence Services expand on existing models of practitioner product review supported by tech-driven processes, and with a Pediatric emphasis.

Media Readiness

We'll work with you to identify areas for growth and provide resources and support to help you excel in your thought leadership career.

Cross-Marketing & Co-Branding

Add the Execudent brand to your professional affiliations; we'll promote your content while strengthening our mutual brands through strategic intersections.

Execudent is the right place to be real—no matter where you find yourself. Join us today.

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