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Execudent catalyzes transformation in the dental industry by connecting talent with opportunity—from start-ups to scale-ups, inventors to innovators at the forefront of oral health. Our unique blend of strategic consulting leverages decades of subject matter expertise and dental product development experience combined with prestige branding and creative services. In addition to our client work, we develop evidence-based thought leadership and educational content for dental professionals.

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With us, it’s a Win—Win—Win.  No contest.

The Execudent Effect is what happens when cross-functional entrepreneurs align on simple things done well. We at Execudent, our Clients, and the Dental Profession win, win, and win.

Show up for more than you put up with.

The Execudent Quotient is an example of our Thought Leadership—media sharing our insights and innovations, aligned with our core values: empathy, authenticity, and excellence.

Simple things, done well.

Whether it's launching a technology at the forefront of dental innovation or developing rich thought leadership content, we at Execudent focus on simple things, done well.

The Execudent Imprimatur

Simple things, done well.

We only do what we want to do. We automate, integrate, and delegate the necessary remainder. We leverage AI-driven tools at nearly every operational process and throughout every stage of our content and media productions. We build it right the first time, and iterate modular content  to avoid waste and redundancy. This keeps our overhead incomparably lean, and our operations inherently innovative.

We’ve built our business around the idea that we can help focus the future of dentistry as a small team of cross-functional entrepreneurs: that’s because we start and finish with simple things, done well.

Doing well by doing good.

Business profit determines which products and specializations are at the forefront of dentistry and beyond. Our Leadership’s inter-professional successes arose most notably from policies designed to benefit underserved populations, operations dedicated to services in rural areas, and Medicaid acceptance-driven business planning—all met with multi-million dollar profits, year on year. Our data-driven processes allow us to find and identify with the underdog, whether in the context of Executive Search or  Dental Education.

We’ve all done this before—and that’s why we know we do well by doing good.

The right place to be real.

Execudent takes a revolutionary approach to connecting Qualified Talent Members with Clients in mutually meaningful ways. Members and Clients can trust us to provide Services and facilitate Opportunities that are both high-quality and values-aligned. Our core functions create Opportunities for our Members, allowing them to gain valuable skills and experiences in short-term projects, mentoring activities, and professional skills development. Empathy grounds our Coaching processes; data drives our operations.

That’s how we ensure that, at every stage of career and from any background, Execudent is the right place to be real.

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What we do—for now.

Execudent combines decades of dental industry experience with proprietary tech-driven lean process operations and visionary low-overhead creative services.

Our Leadership currently provides services to both Talent Members and Clients, from large dental industry manufacturers, to innovators at the forefront of dentistry and oral health, to educational institutions pioneering the dentistry of the future by training the dentists of the future.

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    At launch, our Client Services leverage three of our core competencies: talent management/executive search, dental education consulting, and strategic partnerships in both B2B and B2C oral health products.
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    Our Product Intelligence Services, launching later in 2023, will draw on existing models of practitioner product review—but at a scale without precedent, supported by proprietary tech-driven process, and covering specializations—most notably Pediatric Dentistry—previously absent from the forefront of dental and oral health product development.  
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    Execudent Studios is the base of operations for our in-house multimedia production capabilities, including remotely. We are seeking to partner with leaders and visionaries, whether in their individual or organizational capacities, to expand these offerings on an immediate basis.
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Our Mission

Execudent is committed to revolutionizing the dental industry by connecting professionals with opportunities to advance their careers and make a lasting impact. We strive to establish the dentistry of the future by connecting talent with opportunity: advancing thought leadership, providing high-quality services to members and clients, and fostering collaborative partnerships.

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