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Execudent is a first-in-class consultancy connecting talent with opportunity in dentistry and beyond. No other organization offers the depth or breadth of expertise across academia, industry-leading large-scale organizations, and innovators operating in the dentistry space.

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

The Execudent Promise to our Talent Members and Clients advances the future of dentistry as your partner in pursuit of purpose.

With us, it’s a Win—Win—Win.  No contest.

The Execudent Effect is what happens when cross-functional entrepreneurs align on simple things done well. Our Talent, our Clients, and the Dental Profession win, win, and win.

Show up for more than you put up with.

The Execudent Quotient is an example of our Thought Leadership—media sharing our insights and innovations, aligned with our core values: empathy, authenticity, and excellence.

What We Do

Execudent’s Talent Members want what our Clients need. We make sure they’re ready for the right Opportunity.

Execudent combines decades of thought leadership, talent management, and dental practice expertise. If you're still wondering what you want to be when you grow up, you're in the right place.

Our growing membership of subject matter experts benefit from exclusive educational opportunities and mentorship connections. We further provide marketing and operations support services to our best-in-class individual/practice owner clientele. We also provide Enterprise services for larger practices and DSO's in three key domains: talent management, continuing education, and thought leadership opportunities.

Regardless of your current niche in the dental profession, we provide individual services to our Talent Members, including: thought leadership, media training, speaking opportunities, short-term project placement, coaching, and product evaluations.

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Execudent’s Talent Members want what our Industry Clients need. We make sure they’re ready for the right Opportunity.

Execudent leadership’s relationships with industry clients represent longitudinal engagement and mutual recognition of leadership at the forefront of dentistry. Once connected with Execudent, industry clients foster strategic partnerships and opportunities for growth otherwise inaccessible to smaller or less-established entities.

Many of our industry client services dovetail with Talent Member opportunities. We hand-select and qualify Talent Members for participation in our best-in-industry Talent Pool. These individuals seek short-term projects or long-term job placement; all candidates are directly supported by Coaches, and equipped with robust cross-functional skills.

We also offer services uniquely tailored to dentistry, including executive search, thought leadership development, and bespoke cross-marketing opportunities. We invite representatives from large or well-established entities across dentistry and DSO’s to inquire about our client services, and about opportunities for sponsorship—especially events, courses/CE, and media.

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Execudent’s Talent Members want what our Institutional Clients need. We make sure they’re ready for the right Opportunity.

Execudent’s services for dental education play a crucial role in supporting dental institutions in achieving excellence in education, research, and clinical practice. By partnering with our leadership and consultants, institutions and organizations can enhance their programs, attract top talent, and contribute to the advancement of the dental profession.

If you are an institutional client looking to establish or enhance your dental program, Execudent can provide you with the expertise and operational readiness you need to succeed. Our team is experienced in creating new dental education programs, founding dental schools, and designing residency programs. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account your institution's unique needs and goals.

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Execudent’s Talent Members want what our Innovator Clients need. We make sure they’re ready for the right Opportunity.

At Execudent, an Innovator is someone who develops a new design, product, or idea, or has new ideas about how to do something with direct applications to the dental industry. They are often pioneers and push the boundaries of what is possible. Whether your product or services have applications outside of or exclusive to dentistry, we support entities seeking to launch, develop, or accelerate success in the dental industry.

Execudent streamlines the introduction and implementation of your innovative products and workflows. Whether you've developed a biocompatible material or a workflow to improve access to care for underserved communities, we can help you get past the gatekeepers and get in front of major players. Our services connecting industry clients with Innovators include product go-to-market, B2B2C consulting, and strategic partnerships.

Innovators—whether individuals or established entities—are invited to contact us or submit a client inquiry. Current leadership-supported services and opportunities for innovators include business planning, thought leadership development, and speaking opportunities or sponsorship of events.

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