Roger G.

Founding Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Practice Management

In addition to his dental expertise, Dr. Sanger is also a successful entrepreneur who founded The Sanger Group—a company that develops practice management seminars for national study groups and dental consulting companies. He is both a "wet fingered, in the trenches dentist" as well as a "leader in innovative practice solutions."


Dr. Roger Sanger is a highly accomplished pediatric dentist who has dedicated his life to helping children. After a successful academic career, he founded his own private practice, which soon became one of the largest regional pediatric dental groups in California. The group was a leader in establishing two children's dental surgicenters, and Dr. Sanger also co-founded a non-profit 501(C)3 foundation with private grant support for affiliated school-based mobile dental clinics. He is an expert in pediatric oral sedation and has treated over 15,000 cases.

When Dr. Sanger sold his practice internally in 2011, this group was billing over $34 million annually through provider participation in Commercial Indemnity/PPO Plans, Medicaid, CHIP, Headstart, and Migrant Headstart. Dr. Sanger trademarked the terms "Pedonomics" and "Pedometrics," which conceptualize the financial impact of pediatric dentistry on overall practice profitability.


A shining star in the dental industry, Dr. Sanger, lovingly referred to as Roger by his Execudent Talent Members, is the go-to expert for ambitious professionals looking to take their practices to the next level! His approachable and endearing attitude, coupled with his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and coach, makes him a veritable fountain of knowledge for colleagues. Roger has a wealth of wisdom from years of running a successful dental practice and loves nothing more than helping others achieve similar success. He offers invaluable guidance to those seeking growth in their endeavors and can provide insights to help any dental professional reach their highest potential.

Through his expert coaching, Roger assists in every aspect of dental practice expertise, as well as non-clinical opportunities for dental professionals. You can spot him with a beaming smile at numerous professional events, always ready to share his valuable insights with anyone willing to learn.

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