Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, & Creative Director

Nicole is a self-taught renaissance woman with a wealth of talents and abilities. She has a penchant for creativity that is matched only by her passion for innovation and technology. With her inquisitive mind, unflagging enthusiasm, and natural business acumen, she enjoys the freedom to move between various roles, such as intellectual, cultural visionary, and cross-functional entrepreneur. Artistic expression comes naturally to Nicole, but her strongest gifting is in performance, music making, and video productions.


Nicole Hopkins is the Chief Operations Officer and Creative Director of Execudent, Inc. She has a unique blend of skills and experience that allows her to be a "Do-It-All" when it comes to creative problem solving and innovation. Nicole earned her A.B. in German from Princeton University, with a Concentration in Media & Aesthetic Theory, and her J.D. from Northwestern Law—but what she's really proud of is having found a career that allows her to use her creative, pragmatic, and interpersonal skills to the fullest.


In addition to being a self-taught creative technologist and multi-disciplinary creative director and designer, Nicole enjoys employing her PR/Communications expertise to elevate brand quality and create meaning in everyday life. Drawing on versatile business operations experience, she is particularly gifted in thinking outside the box and finding low-overhead, turnkey solutions to “impossible” problems. Nicole is excited by the opportunity to use her talents in a leadership role where she can learn from doing and be empowered professionally and personally.

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