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We know your business—and that’s why we provide the premier matching of the right talent for the right opportunity. To that end, we offer Retained Executive Search, Discreet Search Projects, Strategic Search Advisory, Rapid Placement Services, and International Search services for dental professionals looking to fill executive roles.

Executive Search

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We offer several types of executive search services, including retained executive search, discreet search projects, strategic search advising, rapid placement services, and international search.

Understanding Your Industry Niche

We understand that the dental industry has unique challenges in recruiting top talent. Most executive search firms lack knowledge of the dental industry, leading to difficulties in finding qualified candidates for large dental manufacturers and well-funded start-ups. However, because we know your business, we can efficiently find the right talent candidate for your opportunity.

Establishing an Ideal Candidate Profile

To develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy, it's critical to establish an ideal candidate profile that addresses work-life balance, thought leadership expectations, and lifestyle factors. Identifying specific industry-related challenges would lead to creating an efficient recruitment strategy.

Exploring Multiple Channels of Candidate Sourcing

From industry-specific job boards to incentivized sponsorship programs, we utilize multiple channels of candidate sourcing and recruitment to find the best candidates. Utilizing AI-powered executive search reports to identify suitable candidates is also helpful.

Effective Onboarding Programs

Transition strategies that ensure smooth integration into the company culture are essential, which could include meeting the candidate's family or partner profiles, offering mentorship or coaching opportunities, and creating an effective onboarding program.


We measure success by the satisfaction of our Clients. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for your organization, ensuring they will help drive growth and development.

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