Dental Product Go-To-Market Consulting

Launching a new dental brand or product in the B2B or B2C space can be challenging, but Execudent can help. Our connections with experts, thought leaders, and other community players enable us to provide a reliable plan for an effective and successful product launch. Whether you're new to the business or a seasoned veteran, we've got you covered.

Dental Product Go-To-Market Consulting

What We Do

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Our Process

Meet and understand

It's essential to meet with the client and understand their goals and challenges. Execudent tailors services to create a plan that meets their needs.

Perform market analysis

After understanding the client's needs, Execudent analyzes the dental education industry to develop a plan that considers the broader market.

Create go-to-market strategy

Based on the analysis, Execudent develops a strategy that reaches target customers and establishes messaging and positioning.

Identify thought leaders

Thought leaders evaluate, educate, and promote the client's products or services. Execudent helps clients identify and develop educational content.

Conduct educational events

Webinars, seminars, and conferences educate the target audience and establish the client as a thought leader in the industry.

Monitor success post-launch

Execudent monitors key metrics such as enrollment rates, student satisfaction, and accreditation status to make adjustments and help clients achieve their goals.

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