Dental Education Consulting

If you are an institutional client looking to establish or enhance your dental program, Execudent can provide you with the expertise and operational readiness needed to succeed. Our team is experienced in creating new dental education programs, founding dental schools, and designing residency programs. We can help you develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account your institution's unique needs and goals.

Dental Education Consulting

What We Do

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Our Process

Needs Assessment

We will identify your specific needs and the tasks at hand. We will conduct interviews with key players, as well as review all documents and RFPs/Self-Study documents. Upon will completion of data gathering, we will develop a scope of work document and document our partnership.


We recruit a dental education-specific talent pool with a deep understanding of the industry's unique challenges, and who are specifically suited to your individual needs.

Consultant Training

We train our consultants in institutional design, program development, and accreditation support to ensure they have the knowledge and skills needed to assist our clients effectively. This ongoing work with our consultants will allow them to be ready for the desired consulting work.

Accreditation Support

We provide comprehensive support for accreditation, including Self-Study Documentation, as well as site visit advance documentation and site visit preparation. Our team has extensive experience with these processes and can guide institutions through them seamlessly. If desired, we can assist you in engaging a “mock site visit” to further prepare you for a scheduled accreditation site visit.

Curriculum Development

We offer curriculum development services to help institutions create cutting-edge educational programs that meet the needs of today's students while preparing them for tomorrow's challenges.

Documentation System

We develop a documentation system that makes it easy for institutions to keep track of their progress and demonstrate their compliance with accreditation standards before, during and after accreditation milestones/events.

Our Client Services

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